Each trainer working out of Clinical Strength has been carefully selected to offer unique personality traits and hold specialist expertise in their chosen fields.


Jamie Farrell

Prices – From £100 per session + VAT

Jamie founded Clinical Strength in order to provide a comprehensive training service that could be delivered by like minded professionals. Therefore, Jamie created various training systems, based upon contemporary and traditional scientific principles, with alterations in accordance with the clients own individual needs. Jamie continues to develop the training plans delivered at Clinical Strength by advancing his own studies and certifications regularly. His training philosophy is based on the ideology that an effective training system should be a constantly evolving theory of practice, that guides the learner to the discovery of their own sustainable and supported epistemology.

Laura Marchesini

Prices – From £70 per session

Laura feels passionate about helping people feel stronger and healthier through movement. She competed as a track runner for many years and carried out university studies specialising in injury prevention and rehabilitation. She adopts a scientific approach in terms of training programming, whilst leading by example in her own physical wellbeing.”

Tomaso Cairoli

Prices – From £70 per session

Tomaso has been working in the fitness and wellbeing industry for more than 10 years. The passion for his job, along with the ambition to further expand his knowledge and experience, led him to travel to different countries and develop a professional career across Italy, Australia and the UK.

Tomaso applies a fully tailored, holistic approach looking at the human being as a whole keeping your goal at the centre of each training. Whether your focus is strength, posture, mobility, rehab from an injury, stress management, or a bespoke preparation for a sports event, Tomaso provides you with the knowledge and steps you need to achieve your goal, set positive habits and feel fitter and healthier. His method combines different techniques including Strength & Conditioning, Body Weight Training, Animal Flow® and Sports Massage.