Alexander Montgomery (Orthopaedic Surgeon)

As a Spine surgeon, I was very careful about who I work with, but Jamie’s excellent knowledge of strength and conditioning and the science behind it put me very at much at ease. Jamie does an amazing job ensuring that you use the correct techniques, build appropriate range of movement, and muscle activation before he starts gradually increasing the loads tolerable, and he will challenge you if he feels you can do it. Jamie is also a wealth of lifestyle knowledge and is an academic now doing a Ph.D. in S and C for back pain. He is the only S&C coach I trust with people who have back-related conditions and an excellent trainer to help you achieve your goals.

Helen O’Leary (Clinical Pilates/Physiotherapist)

I met Jamie 3 years ago via an introduction from a leading spinal surgeon, trained with him and have been referring patients to him ever since.

Outside of elite sports it is rare to find someone who has the level of understanding and knowledge that Jamie has of anatomy, pathology and biomechanics. His ability to assess the person in front of him and tailor a programme to suit both their ability and goals is fantastic. He is a passionate strength and conditioner who is constantly looking to learn more and implements research in a practical way.

I am a huge believer in getting people into the gym and in Jamie have found someone who can take the most complex, or elite level cases and push them forwards. His level of communication when sharing clients is outstanding and I would trust him with my best friend.

I cannot recommend Jamie highly enough

Yosif Angelov (Fencing Coach, Dream Fencing Club)

Jamie provides S&C for our junior international athletes during our training camps. He combines his specialist knowledge with innovative techniques, that provide fencers of all ages and standards the appropriate methods to achieve optimal conditioning.

Chris Myers (Physiotherapist/Osteopath)

I am a physiotherapist and rely on a network of professionals to ensure my clients are treated as part of a team to ensure all their health care needs are met and all elements of their injury are addressed. I have been working with Jamie for many years and I trust him with my clients to ensure they achieve their goals. Jamie carries out a comprehensive assessment and implements a programme that works for that individual.

He gives 100% to all his clients whether they want to lose weight, train for a competition or wants to fully recover from injury. I highly recommend Jamie to all my clients.


Body Composition Training

I was introduced to Jamie when I was looking for some hep getting back to full fitness after a double hernia operation. He coached me through those tricky first few weeks back in the gym and when my fitness and confidence was back we embarked on a mission to get me into the best shape of my life.

I run a company, travel abroad frequently, eat out a lot and drink more than the recommended amount of alcohol.

I have made solid progress without having to make drastic changes to my lifestyle. No crazy diets, nothing completely cut out and training to suit my schedule.

The way I’ve achieved this is as follows:
– Working out 3-5 times per week with Jamie when I’m in the UK and following an easy travel schedule he sets for me (20-30 mins a day every other day)
– Eating well (most of the time). I track my food intake to make sure I stay on the plan Jamie gave me. I haven’t cut out anything that I really like, just been more selective about when I have certain foods or what I combine them with. Massively upped my veg intake and reduced how much alcohol I drink, but by no means cut it out. I still enjoy nights out and drink when I feel like it, I’m just much more aware of how much I’m drinking.
– Finding a training time to suit: for me that’s midday. I get my morning out the way so I have a clear mind when I hit the gym. I can fully focus while I’m there and have a healthy meal immediately after training. Others like mornings or evenings, for me that works perfectly. I make sure the time suits so i don’t have reasons to cancel sessions at short notice (which I used to do when I did mornings).
– Making health and fitness a part of my daily routine. Even if I’m not training I eat well, drink lots of water and make sure my veg intake is high. I don’t beat myself up when I have a glass of wine or something sweet, I just make sure I track it and don’t do it all the time.

To me the biggest barrier to full fitness is the view that you need to completely cut out alcohol or foods you enjoy. Just taking a sensible approach to daily diet accompanied with training has made a huge difference. I don’t go cold turkey all week and then have a “cheat day”. Every day is generally good and I try and make as many as possible spot on so that for those days when I want to eat or drink something that most diets don’t allow you to do I can without either feeling guilty or undoing my hard work in the gym. Having Jamie train me and hold me accountable to my diet and lifestyle has been a significant contributor in my journey to better fitness.

Specific Training

I am a non-athlete in my late 30s with a desk job, three slipped discs from years ago and no background in martial arts or athletics. I was referred to Jamie by my physiotherapist after putting my back out yet again and I came to him with an unusual request – to get me ready in three months to pursue a long held dream – completing a rigorous full-time one year martial arts training program in Japan (the same course done by the Tokyo Riot Police). To that end, I saw Jamie two or three times a week for three months and faithfully followed his advice and I am now in Japan on the course. I could not be happier with Jamie’s training and the results.

As Jamie will tell you himself, everything he knows is publicly available information. What makes his training special is not just his encyclopaedic knowledge about health, fitness and strength training, it is how he applies it and customises it to each individual’s goals. Jamie customised a program for my goals and began with basic strength training before moving on to specialised exercises designed to mimic my activities in Japan, as well as a home flexibility routine that made a significant difference to my spine. Jamie is clearly passionate about strength training and is very good at explaining and cueing not just exercises and how to do them, but why, and what the purpose of each exercise and each movement is. Perhaps the most important takeaway from my time with Jamie was the mental aspect of training and exercise, and the realisation that pain sometimes means injury but often does not, and the importance of distinguishing between the two. This particularly helped in resolving my anxiety about my back pain (even though my slipped discs healed years ago) and retraining my neural pathways to correct movement patterns.

Training with Jamie was a very valuable experience and I intend to continue working with him to get stronger when I return from Japan.

General Training

Not only is Jamie the best personal trainer I have ever had, but he is also one of the best practitioners of any profession I have dealt with. I first worked with Jamie to help rehab my dislocated shoulder and I found his knowledge and expertise to be first rate. Once that issue was resolved we moved onto body composition and strength, with his help I got down to 77kg from over 100kg while getting stronger. Jamie is diligent, hardworking and a credit to his industry. He has made an immeasurable improvement to my health and I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Rehabilitation Training

“I was introduced to Jamie in summer 2016 after a herniated/ slipped disk caused by incorrect overload in my back. Jamie’s specialisation for back injuries made him a suitable trainer for my rehabilitation plan. One of his strong characteristics is his ability to listen and build a tailor made program around my goals and ambitions in sports. Within a short period of time we’ve upscaled my training plan to include strength and conditioning, including olympic lifting and heavy load to support my core strength in order to sustain a good posture under physical stress. Since 2017, Jamie helped me to train for 5k and 10k run race where my performance improved exponentially in every race. His commitment to support me not only physically but also mentally encouraged me to undertake difficult endeavours such as running 3 marathon run race since 2018 The success of that is I sustained an injury free lifestyle and support in the difficult parts of my preparation. Jamie is a special person in my life with significant importance in decision making as he empowers me to be a better version of myself. I’d totally recommend to anyone have a chat with Jamie and his passion and commitment will be instantly clear.”

Performance Training

Jamie is a fantastic personal trainer. I have reached out to him through my elite athletics coaches which know that Jamie was the best PT to help me achieve my athletics goals. Jamie Farrell takes the time to look at your own needed areas of improvement. Most of all he explains the reasons of every single movements you are doing which makes you a better athlete. And allows you to pursue your training in your own with the correct technique and mindset.


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