We offer premium personal training from a private facility in Chelsea. The client pathway during their one to one personal training journey, will be deliberate and purposeful from the beginning. Starting with an in depth consultation, followed by gold standard physical assessments, the results provide data that enables us to create a progressively periodised training programme with infinite possibilities.



Training To Train

For the clients wanting to improve their health without a specific goal, this package is ideal. T2T begins with the identification of relevant health markers and a needs analysis. This then progresses into physical, psychological, physiological and metabolic interventions that are progressively designed to improve quality of life, develop aesthetics and enhance mental capacities. For example, this journey could begin with simply learning how to voluntarily contract muscle, creating a strong mental connection within the body and end with an autonomous awareness of movement that culminates in olympic lifting.


Rehabilitation Training

Designed with the following clientele: anybody suffering from an injury; pre or post surgery; pre or post natal; palliative or general training for those affected by cancer; generally anybody requiring specific exercise prescription. Those wanting to work collaboratively with their current medical practitioner are welcome to include them during their training.


Performance Training

Non matter what level of event/competition you are preparing for, this package is for you. For human performance, there are proven methods that can enhance speed, increase strength and optimise certain markers that are vital/relevant to the sport/athlete. This is achieved, by the manipulation of training variables and the use of comprehensive analysis systems, that intricately assess and dictate the biomechanics, metabolic conditioning and lifting metrics of a persons programme. Due to the rigorous demands required for efficient athletic performance, more standardised methods of measure must be adhered to for those in competitive sports and these standards can be applied/monitored in training systems such as the Olympic lifts, plyometrics and various squats.


Body Composition Training

In order to develop structures within the human body within a desired timescale, particular training methodologies have been proven to illicit aesthetic results better than others. However, if you are to achieve a high standard body transformation, excellent training will not outweigh poor nutritional practices. Therefore, for those seeking compositional change, this package is ONLY suitable for those willing to implement and adhere to nutritional interventions also.


Specific Training

This package is for anybody with a specific/different goal in mind. Whether that’s strength and conditioning for a ski holiday, conditioning and optimal biomechanics for a hiking trip or if you want to go from a lawyer to a martial arts student, a plan will need to be customised to suit you. Therefore, if you cannot match your goal to any of the other packages, this ones likely for you.